Discover the Thickwood Hills

There are many trails, lakes, historical landmarks, regional parks and wildlife habitats that surround our ecoregion.​ 


Surrounding Thickwood Hills Adventures is an abundance of natural forest and wetland. We live close to many beautiful lakes and dense forest areas. Whether  it be spring, summer, fall or winter there are many places to discover the natural flora and fauna. 

We are also fortunate to live in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Region. We are excited to be a part of this network and support the vision of the biosphere. You can learn more about what they do here


Surrounding the land are many bush trails and hiking trails. You can bike on them in the summer or ski and snowmobile on them in the winter. Below are some of our favourites that are close to home. 

Crooked Trees

A botanical mystery,  it was declared one of the '54 Wonders of Canada' by CBC’s 'Morningside' show. They are a small cluster of aspen trees that grow atypical towards the sky. The branches twist and turn in horizontal and downward directions, giving the grove an eerie, yet mesmerizing appearance.  They are located near Hafford.

Trans Canada Trail

This trail spans coast to coast across Canada and is connected by roads and waterways. Our section runs along the grid road and is perfect for hiking, biking or horse back riding. 

Wildlife Habitat Lands

These lands are designated by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Fish and Development Fund as natural areas , funded by hunting and trapping licenses. Though there is NO hunting allowed at Thickwood Hills Adventures, these lands are very close by. A popular spot for hunters and outdoor nature enthusiasts (hikers, bird watchers and photographers).

Saskatchewan's Largest Tree

The trail begins surrounded by farmers' fields, then meanders down to the river. where Saskatchewan's Largest tree resides. The tree is a cottonwood and is over 160 years old. 

Lakes & Parks

There are several regional parks and lakes no more than a 30 minute drive away. 

Redberry Lake

This park and Migratory Bird Sanctuary is located close to Hafford. You can go sailing, kayaking, hiking, swimming and more! This lake is a unique destination to visit due to its high salinity (salt content) and is known for being a nesting and breeding site for the American White Pelican.  

Lac la Peche

On the grid road to our place lies Lac la Peche. This lake is a great for fishing and spending the day out on a boat in the summer sunshine! 

Historical Landmarks

Our area is is abundant in culture. The Thickwood Hills is located on Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional territories of the Cree peoples and the homelands of the Métis Nation. European's also came to the area to settle the land in the 18th century. Thus, there are many historical landmarks and places to visit.

Riverlands Heritage Tour

The Riverlands self-guided tour is found along the west side of the North Saskatchewan River between Petrofka Bridge and Wingard Ferry. The self-guided tour includes cultural and historical sites as well as areas of natural history. Direction signs as well as information signs guide the traveller along country roads with stops at a number of interesting sites. This is a fair weather summer tour with information available for each site on the map brochure.

Doukhobor Settlement & Dugout

Located South of Blaine Lake a short distance off of Highway 12. The Doukhobor Dugout House Inc., became a Provincial Heritage Property in the spring of 2005. Come and visit this historic site and learn more about the Doukhobor culture. 

12-40 and Beyond Tour

This exciting self-guided tour is held annually in July. Large red grain elevator shaped markers will guide visitors to 14 different venues featuring the talents of local artisans. Tour sites include stone carvings, poetry readings, wool spinning, antiques, calligraphy, artists, blacksmithing, a labyrinth, crafts created from a variety of fabrics including deer and moose hides.