Where a meaningful life begins...

Welcome to our home in the Aspen Parkland Ecoregion of Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Experience re-connecting to nature and each other through wellness, community and culture. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Vision

To empower and encourage all life to live in balance and harmony with each other.

Our Story

Some may say we found this place but really, this place found us...

Written by co-founder Doreen Kemp

In September of 2019, we moved from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to the Thickwood Hills in Northern Saskatchewan. It was an interesting adventure getting here. For many years I dreamed of creating an eco-community. That dream evolved to having a self-sustainable acreage along with healing/wellness centre, pyramid and a garden, as well as living off grid. We were guided here one day to find we loved it here. Our offer to buy this place was accepted immediately and the sale of our home in Saskatoon, Sask. went through the same day.

Moving from the city to the country along with living off grid has had some big challenges for us. We had no idea what we were getting into. The first year everything fell apart. Our solar panels weren’t adequate, the batteries needed help. Our outdoor furnace blew an underground line in the winter and couldn’t be fixed until summer. Our quonset roof started to collapse. What could go wrong went wrong.

We have now managed to fix all of those things and are now planning our projects for 2021. In the works, we have a pyramid to build, a root cellar with a summer kitchen, a large fenced garden area and orchard. We will be having an area for clients to come camp and see what we are up to. We hosted our first Arts and crafts show last summer; The Thickwood Hills Adventures Arts and Crafts Show and Sale was a huge success with many vendors. We are looking forward to hosting many more future events, workshops, friends, campers, helpers and visitors in this great life adventure!



Completing the Root cellar

Permaculture garden

Bee Keeping

Summer Kitchen 


Events & Works​hops

Our 2nd Annual Thickwood Hills Adventures Arts and Crafts show is this summer! Check out our events page for more info. Interested in hosting a retreat or workshop? Call or email us!


We specialize in restorative practices for the body, mind and spirit. This includes many healing modalities such as: herbalism, essential oils, and metaphysics.

Off Grid Living

Experience living Off Grid! Learn about solar power and regenerative practices regarding infrastructure and wellness.


Discover the forests, wildlife, plants, lakes, trails and more in our region.


Our values are rooted in living in harmony and creating a space where we are nurtured, growing, expanding, living and loving. We welcome all to join us.

About the Co founders

Doreen and Bryant have been co-creating for many years together. 

As a visionary duo they dream big and invite everyone from all cultures and walks of life to join them on the journey of healing and living in harmony with nature and each other.

Doreen is the planner extraordinaire! She loves bringing people together and hosting workshops, retreats and visitors. She is also an avid learner and enjoys sharing new ideas and skills she has discovered with others.

Bryant is the ultimate handyman! He loves building, fixing and working on many wonderful projects at Thickwood Hills. When he isn't busy keeping the operations running smoothly, you can usually find him taking care of the beehives or enjoying the sights and sounds of the wildlife that come to visit.

They like to call this their "retirement project".